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Fantastic Flea Circus

Yesterday was the first public performance of my Fantastic Flea Circus. I am Corbin, the charming cheat. And I am now touring Ontario with my charming flea circus. It’s a fun show filled with amazing acts of strength, dexterity and Danger! A very funny and interactive performance involving the audience and a carefully selected menagerie of imaginary fleas.

The Fantastic Flea Circus

For the past two months I have been building a flea circus. It’s something I’ve...

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Marienbad Restaurant Magic Night

Magic at the Marienbad Restaurant is premiering on April 5, 2019. This will be an incredibly fun evening of magic and comedy that you will not want to miss. Beginning April 5, Magic at the Marienbad will be occurring on the first Friday of every month with a brand new duo of a stand up comedian and world class Magician. The Premier Night will feature The Amazing Corbin with Stand Up comedian David Sokolowski opening the show. This is an even you will not want to...

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wedding reception entertainment

Add some magic to your special day with wedding reception entertainment. I am The Amazing Corbin. For well over 25 years, I have been performing at special events. I travel all over North America entertaining. My incredible sleight of hand close up magic will add a sparkle of magic to your events. Wonderful wedding reception entertainment that makes memories that last.

Wonderful Wedding Reception Entertainment

I have been performing all over North America for...

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Winter festival magic show Entertainment

Performing at a Winter festival magic show can be challenging. Over the years I’ve performed at many winter events in the cold weather. The snow, dry climate and cold all create challenges, especially for a magic show. However the snow and season are perfect for a magical entertainment.

Winter festival magic show Fun

I am The Amazing Corbin and I perform all over North America. With over 25 years experience I’ve faced many challenging situations. A Winter...

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School assembly shows that are educational and entertaining

I can provide school assembly shows that are educational and entertaining to your school. My presentations are family friendly, fun, and full of audience participation. I am The Amazing Corbin and I would love to entertain and educate at your school.

Educational and fun School Assembly Shows

I have been performing all over North America for well over the past 25 years. As a result, I have become quite skilled at entertaining audiences. More importantly, my shows...

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March Break Magic shows in Ontario

I will be presenting March Break Magic shows at libraries across Ontario next month. Each show will be slightly different and a lot of fun. Circus themed magic shows at the Chatham libraries, pirate themed shows at the Peel Art Gallery and some vintage themed magic shows at the Burlington library. They will all be great family friendly fun and I hope to see you visit me.

March Break Magic Shows

I am the Amazing Corbin. A professional magician, actor, artist and...

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Fabulous Flea Circus on Family Day

I am the Amazing Corbin and I have a Fabulous Flea Circus. I’ve spent the last month training my fleas to perform incredible circus tricks, magic and feats of strength that will entertain and amaze! The circus is ready to go and I’m touring with it right now. In a couple of weeks you can find me presenting the Fabulous Flea Circus at Eldon House in London Ontario. Scratch that itch and join me on February 18!

Fabulous Flea Circus on Family Day is a hit!


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Strolling magician entertainer

My name is Corbin, I am a Strolling magician entertainer. For the past 25 years I have been entertaining at indoor and outdoor events all over North America. I perform magic and illusion shows as well as spectacular strolling magic. Strolling magician entertainer is a great form of entertainment for events with lots of guests that cover a wide area.

Strolling magician entertainer Spreads the Magic around.

At events that have a lot of people spread out around a...

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Flea Circus show fun

Over the past month I have been building a Flea Circus show. I have had a lot of fun putting together the circus with all the tiny acts. The show has a lot of imaginary fleas performing some not so imaginary tricks. Yesterday evening was my first performance of the Flea circus show and it went extremely well.

Flea Circus Show with real performing fleas

I’ve always had an interest in flea circus shows. Ever since I was a young child. Outside of the rare reference...

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Magic Event Entertainment

I provide Professional magic event entertainment to special events all over North America. I perform incredible magic shows as The Amazing Corbin. My presentations are fun, funny and very interactive. Whether it is a wedding reception, after dinner banquet entertainment, on the big stage or strolling around the room. My performances always add magic to your event. The memorable show helps your guests to remember the great time they have had at the show for a...

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