Amazing magician performs special birthday party magic show for children in St. Catharines Ontario

This past weekend I was asked to perform a very special magic show for a young child’s birthday. He was turning 12 and had seen one of my large magic and illusion shows on stage at the wolf performance hall in London Ontario. I love performing at the Wolf Hall in London, it is a great stage.  It was a lot of fun to perform a close up version of my show for this young man. Over the past 25 years of performing magic shows, my shows have often got bigger and the stages larger. I don’t perform at birthday parties as often as I had in the past. The really fun part was customizing my birthday party magic show to be perfect for the child. Long before the performance date I had interviewed the mother and asked many questions relating to the child. He enjoyed sports and had a sister whom he really wanted to be a part of the show. I created a special magic show that included many custom effects which had a hockey theme. As well I had asked the mom to ask the birthday child which illusion he would like to end the show with. I have so many options and when I put together a large magic and illusion show I have to make the decision myself. Birthday parties are special because I can actually ask the birthday child what he would like to do. Shall I make him float? saw him in half? make his head disappear? so many options. In this case he wanted to be sawn in half, which was perfect as his sister could help with that illusion.  The birthday party magic show in St. Catharines Ontario went very well. There were about 20 children in attendance and they all had a blast. The hockey themed magic tricks were well liked and when I sawed the birthday child in half everyone was thrilled. I look forward to the next birthday party and customizing another magic show.


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