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The Amazing Corbin’s Fantastic Flea Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, prepare yourselves for the greatest and smallest show on earth as The Amazing Corbin presents his fabulous Flea Circus. Thrill to the fantastic feats of his fearless trained fleas as they walk the highwire, jump off the diving board, carry weights thousands of times heavier then themselves and perform all kind of other impossible and entertaining feats of skill!

Corbin’s fantastic flea circus is an incredibly fun and very interactive show full of family friendly entertainment and old world charm!




The Amazing Corbin’s fantastic flea circus is a hoax, a trick a clever combination of animatronics, puppetry and magic tricks all carefully combined with Corbin’s incredible showmanship. The show is family friendly, fun and full of incredible entertainment that will have you laughing and engaged. Very few can tell its fake however, and many in the audience actually believe they can see the tiny “fleas” performing the incredible stunts!

Corbin’s Fabulous Flea Circus is mobile and can be set up at various locations throughout the day. Indoors or outdoors the flea circus is always a crowd gathering hit!