Fantastic Flea Circus

Corbin's flea circus is a family friendly show

My fantastic flea circus has been receiving a lot of attention these past few months. I’ve been very lucky to be able to present it at fairs and festivals all over Canada. Audiences have really enjoyed the interactive performance and have been posting on social media about the show. As a result, I’ve been getting some great inquiries and I just received an email from the casting director on America’s Got Talent!


Historically the flea circus was only a demonstration, a show to watch. In Victorian times the flea circus began with watchmakers wishing to show off their skills. The watchmakers would create miniature wagons as proof of their skills. Someone glued a “human flea” to the wagon and the show began. Human fleas were much larger than fleas are today. The fleas strength and jumping skills combined with the large size of the breed made them perfect for attaching to the watchmakers miniature models. An entertainer saw the potential and began presenting the flea circus as a show for the public. It was a hit and became a popular form of entertainment in the late 1800’s. Unfortunately when the populations hygiene improved the human flea became extinct. After the first quarter of the 20’th century the flea circus itself became extinct.

Flea Circus shows today are known as “humbug circus’s” because there are no actual fleas used. A flea circus now is a careful combination of puppetry, amimatronics and magic tricks. It’s still a ton of fun and many audience members still believe they see the “fleas” performing their feats of skill.

For many year’s I’ve always wanted to perform a flea circus show. The over the top presentations, Tonge in cheek banter and showmanship always appealed to me. A few years ago I got to work and built my own from the ground up. My flea circus was built to be very different from the others. Instead of a presentation, I built mine to be very interactive. Audience members take part in the show and command the fleas to perform, have them jump and fire them out of cannons! A family friendly show full of old world charm and modern theatrics that is perfect for any audience.

My flea circus has been built to be very interactive. Because of that I would be unable to present it on America’s got talent. A television show that presents acts isolated on a stage. In order to present my act I would need a group of spectators on the stage to interact with the fleas.

The good news is, I can present my show at all kinds of other special events! (and other television shows, that are not contests!) It’s a family friendly and very interactive show. You can find more information on my website charming


Flea circus at the scarecrow festival in st. Thomas Ontario