Fantastic Flea Circus

Yesterday was the first public performance of my Fantastic Flea Circus. I am Corbin, the charming cheat. And I am now touring Ontario with my charming flea circus. It’s a fun show filled with amazing acts of strength, dexterity and Danger! A very funny and interactive performance involving the audience and a carefully selected menagerie of imaginary fleas.

The Fantastic Flea Circus

For the past two months I have been building a flea circus. It’s something I’ve always wanted to have. Ever since I was a young child the stories of Flea Circus’s excited me. I remember often seeing references on television and in Saturday morning cartoons. Each time I saw something I remember thinking how funny it was to have fleas performing. Also, It was very interesting to think little insects were doing the tricks and stunts in the miniature circus. However, the odd thing is I don’t ever remember watching a live circus. It was always a cartoon or a slight reference on a sit com.

Months of building

I have been a professional entertainer for at least the last 25 years. Owning and presenting a flea circus has always been in the back of my mind. However professional built flea circus’s actually cost thousands of dollars! As much as I wanted one, I just could not come up with the “scratch” Last year I decided however, to start researching how to build them myself. Not only would I get a flea Circus of my own, but I could customize it to suit me much better. Also I would get an education, and be able to fix it myself should something go wrong. Late November of last year I got to work building and it was fun.

Custom Flea Circus

The design for my flea circus came first. I wanted to include some classic bits, as well as some unique tricks I had in mind. I also wanted the fantastic flea circus to be as interactive as possible. During my research I’ve watched dozens of performances and in almost every one there was no interaction with the audience. As a result, it was a watch only presentation. I wanted to get the spectators involved in the fun. My fantastic flea circus has 10 separate flea acts, and each act includes something for someone in the audience to do. Once I had figured that out I began building.

Ten fabulous acts, each interactive and funny

My fantastic flea circus includes ten fabulous acts. I have Madame Flea-Fi on the High wire, Bruce the strong flea who gets shot out of a cannon and the incredible magician Fleadini who will read your mind! Many more fleas are involved and each one is funnier then the one before it. Yesterday I performed the circus to a packed house at Eldon House in London Ontario. My fantastic flea circus was quite a draw and attendance increased well over 75% from the same day/event last year. It was a blast and everyone left scratching their heads in wonder. I performed 5 shows throughout the day and each performance had an audience that absolutely filled the room!

Book the Flea Circus for your event

I would be happy to bring my Fantastic Flea Circus to your event. This is a family friendly and very funny performance that is great for adults and children. All the fleas are imaginary, however many won’t believe it. My fantastic flea circus is a wonderful compliment to my magic circus show. As a result, you could have a full day of magic circus shows and flea circus performances. That would certainly make the greatest show on earth!

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Magician with Fantastic Flea Circus