Marienbad Magic Show

Friday April 5 2019 marked the premier Magic at the Marienbad Magic show. It was a great success and everyone had a great time. The show was sold out with so many guests we had to bring in more chairs from the other room. The Marienbad Magic show went extremely well and I can’t wait until next months production

Monthly Magic show

I’ve wanted to be a part of a monthly magic production in London Ontario for a very long time. Looking at the popularity of such shows in Toronto, Chicago and New York, I thought there was no reason why a show of the same kind could not be a success in London Ontario. Monday night magic in New York has always been popular during it’s run. As much as I wanted to become part of such an event, nobody was producing a show of that kind. After a while I started my research and approaching venues to produce a show myself.

A variety show with magicians and Comedians

If I was going to produce the show, I wanted it to be a bit different then all the rest. Instead of a show filled with magicians I wanted more variety. I’ve always thought a show filled with the same kind of performer allows for too much comparison. Three magicians on the bill, and people walk away discussing who was the best magician. And three of the same kind of performer is like three kinds of chicken and nothing else on your dinner plate- it’s not much variety. That’s when I decided to have a comedian open the show. A good opening act to get the audience Laughing and all warmed up for the magic. Magic at the Marienbad restaurant consists of three performers. An Emcee/host The stand up comedian and the headliner magician. A nice variety of performers to entertain all night.

The Marienbad Restaurant

The Marienbad restaurant is a beautiful victorian styled restaurant in the heart of London Ontario. Besides having their top tier restaurant there is a pub that boasts over 80 varieties of beer. It is the perfect location for our show. The casual atmosphere fits right into the friendly and comfortable party style we were after. We are located upstairs, above the pub. Our event room boasts a wonderful fireplace and a bar of it’s very own.

Magic at the Marienbad

Magic at the Marienbad will occur once a month. We try to keep the event in the first couple of weeks. there are 60 seats available and tickets are available online at Eventbright. The Marienbad Magic show will always have a different comedian and magician each night. Tickets sell out fast, and when you attend a show, you get a coupon code discounting the next months show. As of this date, our next show will be May 10 and star London’s favourite magician Peter Mennie. His mind bending magic and hilarious comedy is sure to keep everyone laughing and mystified all night!

Shows are designed for a mature audience.

Corbin, the Charming Cheat

I am your host and Emcee most nights, and I invite you to join us for a great evening of magic and comedy. Get your tickets as soon as you can and please feel free to contact me for more details.

Contact Corbin today 1-519-639-9813

Marienbad magic shows