Marienbad Restaurant Magic Night

Magic at the Marienbad Restaurant is premiering on April 5, 2019. This will be an incredibly fun evening of magic and comedy that you will not want to miss. Beginning April 5, Magic at the Marienbad will be occurring on the first Friday of every month with a brand new duo of a stand up comedian and world class Magician. The Premier Night will feature The Amazing Corbin with Stand Up comedian David Sokolowski opening the show. This is an even you will not want to miss! You can find the latest information on the facebook events page here.

Magic at the Marienbad Restaurant

The first Friday of every month at the Marienbad Restaurant. An incredible evening of hilarious comedy and award winning magic. The first event is on April 5 2019. This evening will feature The Amazing Corbin magician with stand up comedian Dave Sokolowski opening the show. It will be a wonderful evening full of magic and fun.

The doors open on April 5 at 6:30pm with a cash bar and local magicians strolling around the room performing some incredible close up magic for everyone. You will want to arrive early to ensure you get to see some of this amazing magic. The close up magic during the cocktail hour is incredible, mind bending and often occurs right in your own hands. As a result, it creates amazing moments you won’t soon forget.

Strolling magicians, Stand up Comedians open the night

After the strolling magicians entertain during the cocktail hour, the M.C. will direct you to your seats for the show. The first act at the Marienbad Restaurant during the Magic at the Marienbad events is always a stand up comedian. Every month a new and hilarious comedian will open the show. April 5th features the talents of Dave Sokolowski. He is a ton of fun and will have everyone laughing along.

Award winning magicians

After the stand up comedian, the magician comes out to entertain the group. On April 5 I will be performing as Corbin – the Charming cheat. An amazing and very funny magic show full of mind bending magic and illusions. I’ll try and foo everyone, but watch me carefully because I cheat! The night ¬†will be full of interactive magic, some audience members will come onstage to assist and the nights finale is something you will remember for a long time to come. Therefore you will not want to miss this incredible evening of entertainment.

Comedy and Magic at the Marienbad Restaurant

A wonderful evening of Comedy and Magic at the Marienbad Restaurant. Cocktail hour with strolling magicians, a very funny M.C. guiding the show, a hilarious stand up comedian and an Award winning magician. There is something for everyone, and if not, there is a bar! Tickets can be found online at eventbright right here.

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I am the Amazing Corbin, I have been performing all over North America for well over 25 years. I am also the president of the London Magicians guild. As a result, I’ve met and worked with hundreds of magicians, comedians, jugglers and more. If you would like to have me entertain at your event, Or if you would like another entertainer, contact me today! I can help add a bit of magic to your event. Dates are limited, so early booking is always reccomended.

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