Circus Magic shows

I perform Circus magic shows at events all over North America. Performing as the magician Corbin, I entertain and enthral audiences with a carnival of magic. My shows are family friendly, fun and very entertaining. During this past March Break I performed multiple circus magic shows at libraries across Ontario.

 Magic circus shows wagon

Magic Circus Shows are entertaining, family friendly and fun!

Every magic circus shows are customized to be age appropriate to the audience in attendance. That means that I can perform different magic circus shows at your event. Perhaps a morning show for younger children, an afternoon show for older children and an evening presentation for family audiences. As a result, everyone gets a great show customized just for them! My circus themed shows are full of magic and interactive fun. Tricks include magic with popcorn, elephants, and more. Often the show ends with a thrilling illusion. I can saw a volunteer in half, or levitate a young assistant from the audience.

March Break Magic

This past march break I brought my Magic Circus shows to the Peel art gallery and archives. That was a lot of fun. I had huge audiences and lots of volunteers to perform with. As a result, the show became very interactive. Between my multiple performances I brought out my small flea circus and performed for the children in the art room. I was also a feature performer at the Grimsby public library as well as the Burlington public library where I had the assistance of Councilman Angelo Bentivgna.

Magic circus shows in Burlington


Family friendly and fun event entertainment

I can perform my shows at just about any event all over North America. Because they are family friendly, fun and interactive, they make the perfect entertainment for many events. My magic circus shows are a popular presentation, however I also perform vintage themed shows, recycling themed shows, and formal magic shows for wedding receptions and banquets. Therefore, I look forward to discussing the special needs and themes of your event really soon.  Please contact me today.

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