Comedy Magician Corbin is Hilarious

I am Corbin the Comedy magician. During my interactive magic shows everyone will laugh out loud and have a great time. The interactive performances are full of family friendly humor and amazing magic. With lots of audience participation and involvement. As a result Corbin’s comedy magic shows will be remembered for a long time after the event. Hire a magician that will provide a funny magic show.

Laugh along with Comedy Magician Corbin

Corbin is the Charming Cheat. During my fun, interactive magic shows I charm the crowd and I cheat alot! As a result the show is very funny. Often the audience is aware of my hi-jinks, but the onstage volunteer is not. My volunteers are always treated well and never made the fool onstage. Often my “cheating” allows the volunteer to catch me in the act and do the magic themselves. It’s great fun. Therefore many in the audience see the fun and wish to join me onstage as well. With many years performing experience, I’ve become skilled at entertaining audiences as a comedy magician. My shows are inclusive, fun and entertaining. As a result, it makes wonderful banquet entertainment. Event Entertainment that’s fun, interactive and very magical.

Professional shows custom made

I have been performing magic shows as a comedy magician all over North America. With over 25 years experience you can expect a professional show. As a result, of my many years in the industry, I am able to perform in a wide variety of performance situations. On a stage, a riser, floor level, inside or Out. Just let me know about the performance area and I can customize a perfect show for your group each time.

Often I can incorporate a special theme, product or company logo into the show. For an example, when I performed last year at a banquet entertainment for the Canada post office management I was able to incorporate a lot of postal themed effects in the show. I borrowed a V.I.P’s watch and caused it to vanish, then later in the show a “Fed Ex employee” (actually an actor) showed up with a special delivery for him and inside the sealed package that never came near the stage or myself was his watch. It was very funny.  I had a silk handkerchief signed and vanished During an event for the Apple growers association of Ontario only to have it reappear inside an apple that was plucked from an apple tree in the orchard. That was an incredible effect and very well received.

With enough lead time, there is a good chance I can create a customized magical effect to suit your event perfectly.

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