Educational Magic Shows for schools & libraries

The Amazing Corbin has been performing educational magic shows professionally all over North America for close to 25 years. During that time he has performed more different kinds of shows then he can count. Every show is custom designed to be perfect for the client, venue and theme of the event. Often The Amazing Corbin is asked to perform an educational magic show for schools and libraries. For those situations, he has a few amazing programs that not only entertain, but they engage and educate the children.

Educational Magic shows

When performing Educational magic shows at schools, libraries and other venues, the most important point is to entertain the audience. No one will learn, if they are forced an educational component poorly. That’s where Corbin’s years of entertaining experience come in handy. Corbin is highly skilled at entertaining all kinds of audiences. A teacher may be able to provide a lesson, but Corbin can provide that lesson in an entertaining way that will allow the audience to retain the knowledge. When learning is fun, learning lasts! An Educational Magic shows will leave a lesson that will last.


Corbin has provided many different shows with educational themes over the years. Themes such as recycling or the environment are very popular. The Natural world summer reading theme is a popular choice for the new year. Corbin’s Natural World show is full of information on animals and the environment. During school assembly programs Corbin is often asked to perform his Math-a-magic show. The Math-a-magic show is a wild magic show filled with math themed magic and crazy calculations that is both entertaining and educational. Whatever educational theme you wish to convey, The Amazing Corbin can design an entertaining program for your group.

Shows are approximately 45 minutes long, always family friendly regardless of the audience and are filled with audience participation. As there is only one Amazing Corbin, availability is limited (especially on Family literacy day) Call him as soon as possible to ensure the best availability.

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Educational magic shows