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I am a professional event entertainer that can add a lot of magic to your events. Corbin, the charming cheat. A magician, entertainer, actor and historian. I’ve been performing in Ontario for over 25 years. I am an Ontario magician. However, I can travel all over North America.

Event Entertainer Ontario Magician

I travel all over North America performing my vintage themed magic shows. My shows are family friendly and fun. Each presentation is customized to be perfect for the event and appropriate to the age of the audience. As a result I can perform for a wide variety of special events. Wedding reception entertainment, banquet entertainment, family friendly shows for mixed ages.

My shows are generally speaking about 45 minutes long. They are always interactive. therefore I have many audience members come onstage and assist with the show. I always bring everything required for a great show every time as well. This includes my tables, microphones and royalty free music to play. Therefore, there is very little you need to prepare for the show.

Great Magic, Incredible illusions, a lot of fun!

My shows are full of great magic, incredible illusions and a lot of fun. As a result, I fill the show with mind bending Mental magic and interactive effects that get the audience involved. As a result the program is very memorable. I often customize each show for the event. A companies message or product can often be incorporated into the presentation. However, If it’s a wedding, birthday or anniversary I often use the V.I.P’s in the show. An illusion with the wedding couple adds a lot of magic to the evening.

I have performed at many different locations over the years. Special events at banquet hall entertainment, conferences and private venue entertainment. As a result, I can provide entertainment in a wide variety of performance venues. A stage or riser is best when there are more then 50 guests. However I can perform on any hard flat manufactured surface indoors or out. ( Not grass/gravel/dirt etc. )

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