Flea Circus show fun

Over the past month I have been building a Flea Circus show. I have had a lot of fun putting together the circus with all the tiny acts. The show has a lot of imaginary fleas performing some not so imaginary tricks. Yesterday evening was my first performance of the Flea circus show and it went extremely well.

Flea Circus Show with real performing fleas

I’ve always had an interest in flea circus shows. Ever since I was a young child. Outside of the rare reference in cartoons, I never actually seen one operate. However I had a good idea that they did exist at one point in history. It aways felt like a vintage entertainment from the Great Depression era. About ten years ago I met a performer who used to tour with a flea circus. Eddie Diijon was his name. Meeting Eddie reignited my interest in the flea circus.

Flea circus’s actually did exist with real fleas! The fleas used were not the small fleas that we are currently familiar with living on cats and dogs. In a Flea Circus Human fleas were used! Human fleas were much bigger. They were large enough to wrap a wire around and harness to a wheeled cart. As life and public heath got better, human fleas became rare. Eventually Flea circus show performances stopped due to a lack of performers. That’s when the Sham Flea circus’s began

Flim Flam Flea Circus Show

Flea circus’s of today are a sham! There are no fleas working anymore. Nowadays flea circus’s, when you can find them are fancy bits of puppetry. With hidden motors, pulleys and springs operating the tiny circus acts. The Showman loudly announcing the next flea trick and magically the props move. Onlookers can only assume fleas too tiny to view are operating the props. It’s a family friendly and hygienic circus. No more needing insect assistance.

Last month I began building my flea circus. The Amazing Corbin’s Fabulous Flea Circus Show! It was a bit more of a challenge to build then I originally anticipated, but I got through with the help of a few friends. I’m great with the imagination and physical engineering. My good friend and illusionist Timothy Drake assisted with the electrical components. The posters and graphics were created by my lovely wife, and I had lots of ideas and suggestions from many others. As a result the flea circus really was a group effort. After a month it finally came together.

Fabulous Flea Circus Magic show!

My Fabulous Flea Circus has a tight rope walker, a strong man flea, a magic flea and many other fun acts. I have a flea jump off a diving board into a bucket of imaginary water that splashes the audience! The show ends with a presentation of a mutant flea, only for those brave enough to view.

Last night I debuted the Flea Circus for a birthday party magic show in London Ontario. It was a great success and loved by all. The flea circus was a 20 minute performance at the end of my magic show and made a great finale. All the children were surprised by the “imaginary water” I am now offering performances of the flea circus to events in Ontario. It will be a part of my magic circus show. Definitely something you won’t want to miss!

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The fabulous Flea Circus Show