Local Magician performs everywhere

I am a local magician to everywhere. My name is Corbin, and I have performed in just about every major city across North America. As a result, I could be called a local Magician to any area. With over 25years performance experience I have extensive knowledge about many localities across the Country. Therefore I am familiar with most regions across the country.

Local Magician for Hire

My shows are fun, family friendly and full of interactive magic and illusions. I have performed at all kinds of venues including convention centres, theatres, libraries and even on boat tours! You can often find me performing at amusement parks as well. throughout the Sumer months I am a regular weekly performer at Storybook Gardens amusement park in London Ontario. That is a really fun venue and I’m usually there performing two shows every Thursday in July and August. When I perform at Storybook gardens I’m often in a pirate costume performing for the children as Captain Corbin the magical Pirate!

Captain Corbin the magical pirate

Captain Corbin is the character I perform as for children’s events. However I have often performed as the pirate magician for adults. Therefore performing both advanced and skillful magic. The pirate magic is a lot of fun for me to create and perform. It allows me to use nautical themed magic during my magic shows. As a result the show becomes very fun, and full of pirate hi-jinks. Captain Corbin is a magician, but the magic show is very clown like. I fill it with puns and corny pirate jokes to the delight of the children. Great for boat cruises, port festivals, water festivals and more. Having Captain Corbin at your event is a sure fire way to make all the children smile

Formal presentations with the Cheat

Corbin is the Charming Canadian Cheat. A local magician in Canada, he travels the world performing his formal gambling themed show for all kinds of audiences. Corbin can create an environment of fun and magic. If a formal magic show is what you are looking for contact him today.

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