Magic Circus The greatest magic show on earth!

ALadies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up and take a seat for the greatest Magic show on earth. My name is Corbin, The Amazing Corbin and I travel all over North America with my incredible, interactive and family friendly show. The Magic Circus. Therefore the circus can come to you instead of you coming to the circus.

Magic Circus a spectacular spectacle

This fun filled 45min. long show is full of incredible magic and thrills. As a result the magic is incredible! The show begins with great royalty free circus music playing and a poetic opening written by myself. I am The Amazing Corbin, magician. I perform in a beautiful red vintage cut tailcoat and top hat. With my curly handlebar moustache and carnival barker style the stage is set. As a result they are energized for an incredibly exciting show. The Magic Circus show is full of family friendly fun entertainment. As a result children of all ages and their parents will have a great time. Many will be asked to come on stage and participate in the show. The show is full of audience participation. Therefore everyone in attendance will feel a part of the show.

Starting BIG

Starting big, the show opens with an Elephant fly! Then we go on with magic rings, a carnival contest, mystic ropes from the magic trapeze. The thrills continue with a sword swallowing act with Freddie the fearless flea circus performer. Freddie does a daring dive on the diving board more then 200 times his height into a small cup of imaginary water! The show ends with a bang as I bring out my Cannon and ask for a volunteer to be shot across the stage and fail to find anyone that fits. Therefore we shoot a signed silk through the air into a spectators snack.

This incredible magic circus show has already been seen all over North America by thousands of people. As a result, it has been perfected through numerous performances. I have performed it in Libraries, theatres and amusement parks. Most recently the Magic Circus show was a highlight of the New Years eve celebrations at the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls Ontario. Availability is extremely limited for this popular program.

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