School assembly shows that are educational and entertaining

I can provide school assembly shows that are educational and entertaining to your school. My presentations are family friendly, fun, and full of audience participation. I am The Amazing Corbin and I would love to entertain and educate at your school.

Educational and fun School Assembly Shows

I have been performing all over North America for well over the past 25 years. As a result, I have become quite skilled at entertaining audiences. More importantly, my shows engage the audience, grabs and holds their attention.

I am a Magician, actor, artist and my shows are magic shows. However the magic shows always carry an educational message for the children watching. I have a variety of prewritten shows, such as Math-a-magic, Reading Magic Treasures, and Oceans of magic. However I can always customize a new show for your educational school assembly shows.

Themed magic school assembly shows

Reading Magic treasures

is a popular show that I am often performing at libraries. The show is customized for each age group. As a result the effects change often depending on the audience. The show includes many effects that require reading and spelling. It is a literacy based magic show that the kids will enjoy. The children learn during this school assembly shows that reading is a Treasure. Therefore the message is remembered. I have often performed this particular show as a pirate looking for treasure. My character Captain Corbin is a magical pirate and the children help him discover that reading is a treasure. It’s a fun and unique twist! visit for more information on my pirate shows.


is a magic show full of mathematical magic and number based tricks. As a result, math skills are shown as important and fun. Children learn best when they are having fun and this show succeeds in making math fun. I must admit, this show is one of my most challenging, as I calculate complicated math squares incredibly fast, and recite the digits of Pi until someone stops me and all without a calculator! However it is a very fun show for me to perform and a great school assembly shows to have at your event.

Oceans of Magic

Oceans is an interactive magic show. Water conservation is the educational theme. The magic involves science based magic tricks with water. As a result the children learn some magic that they can perform themselves at home. During this show Water Conservation is discusses a lot. Also we talk about water safety. As a result, the is a great show for summer events.

These school assembly shows book really fast. And I have discovered many schools hold assemblies on the same days! Just this week I have received three inquiries from schools who wished to book me on the exact same day.

Availability is limited, Book Corbin today 1-855-626-7246

Magician performing a school assembly shows