Top Magician in Windsor Ontario

The Amazing Corbin is one of the Top magician in Windsor Ontario. Corbin performs his vintage themed magic and illusion shows all over North America. He is from Ontario Canada and one of his favourite places to perform is Windsor Ontario.  Windsor is a beautiful city in Southwestern Ontario on the shore of the Detroit river. It has many great parks, shopping malls and theatres. I have had the pleasure of performing for great crowds at many of those locations.

Recently I have performed at the Devonshire Mall, and at the Windsor libraries. And I often perform in the various parks at events held throughout the year. For instance I have performed on Canada day at the Central Park. Always a full house, I’ve been called one of the Top Magician in Windsor many times. My shows are very interactive, fun, family friendly and magical. You can find out more about my shows my website.

Top Magician in Windsor , a great show!

Most of my shows last apex. 45min. long. Therefore, They are always family friendly and very interactive. I get everyone in the audience involved in the show and bring many volunteers up on stage to assist. Performing my show with the audience instead of at them. It’s more than a show, it’s an interactive theatrical experience.

I perform as Corbin, the charming cheat. Or often as The Amazing Corbin. My character is very magical and skilled. The show has a vintage theme to it. I wear a victorian cut red coat and fedora and the show all fits the them. Tricks with slate chalkboards and old cards. Modern effects are also included and often the show ends with a very special finale such as sawing a lady in half!

The magic and illusion show often has a big ending. l Can saw a volunteer in half, or make them float. It makes great pictures. The large magic and illusion shows are filled with illusions such as those. A great show.

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