Charming Cheat you’ll love to meet

Corbin is a charming cheat, you’ll love to meet! The Amazing Corbin is an incredible magician, actor, liar cheat and con-man. Don’t worry though, he’s not going to cheat you, he will charm you with his incredible skills and humorous style. His mind bending magic is top notch, and his shows are always fun theatrical experiences. A charming cheat, that’s quite a treat!

A Charming Cheat, you’d love to meet!

I am Corbin, the Charming Canadian cheat. My shows are great fun, family friendly and magical. I cheat (quite a lot, actually) but I’m not going to cheat you. I will charm you with my incredibly entertaining theatrical show. So much more then just a magic show, my performances are theatre like experiences. Whenever possible I dress the stage up as my Victorian themed parlour. A beautiful backdrop, bookshelf, antique table and faux fireplace set the stage for what is always a magical show. Therefore, Dressed in a vintage cut suit and black hat I greet the guests into my parlour and begin an interactive, fun and mind bending magic show.

I have been performing my incredible magic shows all over North America for well over 25 years. At fairs, festivals, theatres and libraries my shows are always a popular hit. An interactive program, many in the audience are asked onstage to assist with the show. As a result the show becomes very interactive. Audience participation is encouraged and even those who do not come onstage feel they take part. Therefore everyone feels involved in the show.

Mind Bending magic, incredible illusions and stunning sleight of hand

The shows are full of magic and illusions. Therefore each performance is customized to be perfect for the venue and event. With over 25 years experience performing, you can be sure of a great show every time. As a result, every show is different. A big illusion show, or a small presentation after a banquet. Corbin can accommodate Most situations. And Corbin comes complete with everything required for a great show every time. Sound system, microphones and show equipment. Therefore nothing needs to be rented or bought.

Availability is limited, Contact Corbin today! 1-855-626-7246

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