Corbin performs magic show at the Grand theatre in London on the McManus stage

I have had the pleasure of performing my themed vintage magic shows on stage at one of the most beautiful theatres in Ontario. I performed at the Grand Theatre in London Ontario. I’ve performed at that theatre a number of times most notably during their New Years eve and Grand Gala events. I also performed there last year on the McManus stage when I was part of London’s fringe festival. I will talk about the fringe festival magic more in another post. The Gala Events were a lot of fun and often involved me performing strolling magic during the cocktail hour of the event. Before the dinner, I went up on the main stage to perform for all the guests after dinner. My beautiful vintage victorian costume fit in very well on stage at the grand. I remember being warned not to use any fire or flame, so when I made things vanish I used a large puff of theatrical smoke that really thrilled the crowd.

It was quite a thrill to perform my amazing close up magic on the big stage of the Grand theatre. I know it sounds weird, performing close up magic on one of the largest stages in London, however all the guests were on stage with me as well! During the Gala event, the entire audience comes onstage for the entertainment and the meal. My magic entertainment involved meeting and greeting everyone and performing some amazing magic for them. they really enjoyed the show. It was like banquet magic, performing for them after dinner.

London Ontario, Grand Theatre, Ontario magician, close up magic

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