Corbin the magician performs in London Ontario at the Fringe Festival performers showcase

Last year I had the pleasure of performing my big show at the London fringe festival. The festival was held as the name implies in London Ontario. It was quite an experience from the showcase that started the event, to all the promotional appearances, then finally to the string of eight shows that I performed at the McManus theatre inside the Grand theatre. The showcase was held at the palace theatre and it was packed with people interested in learning about the various shows being offered. this was my first real meeting of the other performers and it was great. Before the guests arrived the theatre was like backstage at the circus with all kinds of wonderfully eccentric performers getting ready to strut their stuff on stage. My 5 minutes on stage performing magic went very well, I told a story about my grandfather and made a bottle of cola vanish! After the showcase I had many inquiries about my magic shows and lots of people showed interest in watching my fringe shows. In a future blog I will talk all about my promotional appearance and then discuss my experience with the shows.

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