Fabulous Flea Circus on Family Day

I am the Amazing Corbin and I have a Fabulous Flea Circus. I’ve spent the last month training my fleas to perform incredible circus tricks, magic and feats of strength that will entertain and amaze! The circus is ready to go and I’m touring with it right now. In a couple of weeks you can find me presenting the Fabulous Flea Circus at Eldon House in London Ontario. Scratch that itch and join me on February 18!

Fabulous Flea Circus on Family Day is a hit!

On February 18, (Family Day) I will be presenting my flea circus at London’s Eldon House historical site. It is the perfect venue for this old fashion bit of flim flam. This will mark my first public performance of the fabulous flea circus. As a result, this will be a special presentation. There will be many photographers and media present to record my presentations. A flea circus is a very old form of entertainment and it is extremely rare to find one today. In fact, I most likely have the only Flea Circus in Ontario currently presenting. This makes the family day show an event not to be missed!

A old time amusement, performed in the perfect venue

Flea Circus’s are very rare to almost non existent today. In fact they pretty much went extinct in the 1950’s/60’s. The flea circus began in the 1600’s as a way for watchmakers to showcase their skills making tiny wagons, and carousels with watch gears and brass bits and bobs. they would often harness fleas to the props to make them move. In 1820 the first true Flea circus came into being as an Italian named Bertolini changed the focus from the props to the Fleas. Bertolini announced the fleas were the stars of the show, and expounded on the hours of training they required.

The fleas used were of the Human variety. Instead of the tiny fleas on dogs and cats that we are familiar with today. Human fleas were about 5-6 times larger then pet fleas. As such, flea circus performers were able to wrap a wire around their heads and harness them to the flea circus props. In the 19th century and early 20th Century Flea circus’s were a common site at fairs and festivals. However in the mid 20th century as Hygiene improved, Human Fleas became extinct. The death of Flea Circus’s happened because of the lack of employees! No Fleas, No Flea Circus’s

A big bunch of hokum, Flim-flam, Hooey and nonsense!

Flea circus’s of today are magic shows with a careful disguise! No actual fleas are harmed or even used in the performance. It’s all a bit of showmanship and fakery. Secret motors, magnets and wires move props around making it appear like tiny fleas are working the tricks. My Fabulous Flea Circus is just such Flim-flam! It’s still incredibly funny, entertaining and worth watching. Even for those of us who know what’s going on. The most fun is watching all the other spectators as they try to see the fleas!

I hope you get to see one of my performances with the Flea Circus this year. February 18th at Eldon House is the premier performance, but I’m accepting bookings now for the summer. Availability is limited, so contact me today. And don’t give the secret away!

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the Fabulous Flea Circus