wedding reception entertainment

Add some magic to your special day with wedding reception entertainment. I am The Amazing Corbin. For well over 25 years, I have been performing at special events. I travel all over North America entertaining. My incredible sleight of hand close up magic will add a sparkle of magic to your events. Wonderful wedding reception entertainment that makes memories that last.

Wonderful Wedding Reception Entertainment

I have been performing all over North America for many years. As a result, I’ve become extremely skilled at entertaining all kinds of audiences. At banquets, wedding receptions and corporate events, my incredible magic enriches the atmosphere. The magic helps create special memories of the event. As a result, your event or wedding reception is remembered for a long time afterwards. I engage people, and interact with them. Allowing them to participate in the magic. This is not a spectator sport, most of the magic often happens in the spectators hands. Therefore they become involved.

Interactive entertainment

My wedding reception entertainment is very interactive. I engage your guests and get them to take part. My magic is funny, entertaining and memorable. Making memories that last long after the special event ends. I perform a variety of magic involving many unique props. I also do classic effects with playing cards, and impossible effects with coins. Award winning sleight of hand that will win your guests over. Mind bending magic that will knock their socks off.

Break the ice between strangers

At your special event I wander the room engaging your guests wherever they may be. Wedding Reception entertainment breaks the ice between strangers sitting at the same table. It gives your guests something to watch while the bride and groom are on their way or busy with pictures. How often have you waited at the reception for the guests of honour to arrive with nothing to do? Give your guests a reason to get to the banquet hall early. Add magic to your special event.

A complete package

I bring everything required to ensure a great show every time. This includes my props, and equipment. As a result, booking the Amazing Corbin is easy. I am also fully insured and family friendly always. Therefore, my performances are a safe bet, no matter who is in attendance. I can easily entertain the adults, the children and even your grandparents. My fun and engaging shows will have everyone in great spirits at your event.

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Corbin performing wedding reception entertainment in London