Winter festival magic show Entertainment

Performing at a Winter festival magic show can be challenging. Over the years I’ve performed at many winter events in the cold weather. The snow, dry climate and cold all create challenges, especially for a magic show. However the snow and season are perfect for a magical entertainment.

Winter festival magic show Fun

I am The Amazing Corbin and I perform all over North America. With over 25 years experience I’ve faced many challenging situations. A Winter festival magic show is an incredible amount of fun. I enjoy theming my shows to the even and winter shows provide wonderful opportunities to do so. As a result, my winter shows often have magic involving snow, and winter themed effects. I’ve performed with snowmen, and floated children on sleighs.

Outdoor events

During the cold winter months I definitely prefer indoor shows. However, winter festival often take place outdoors. This requires a lot of preparation. the shows are customized out of Necessity. With the dry, cold air most card magic is out. Fingers can’t manipulate a deck of cards. However, the show is still full of interactive fun magic. Often the magic is larger with mind bending magic and illusions. This makes for a great show as well. My shows are always family friendly, interactive and a lot of fun. I get the audience involved and many come onstage to assist me during the show. Creating memories that last long after the event has past.

New Years Eve show

A few years ago, I performed on stage for a New Years eve show in London Ontario. That had to be the coldest Winter festival magic show I have done. I remember visiting the night before to test the climate and realizing it would be be bitter cold. I could only stay on stage for 20 min. It was a very cold week. The show was to occur at 9pm a few hours before the big New Years countdown. This late at night, outdoors in the cold Ontario winter was very chilly. The next night I hit the stage and mostly performed my large illusions which were much easier to operate in the weather then sleight of hand. I remember performing a head chopper effect with a radio station personality. The show was called “a rocking New Years Eve” and it went very well. Parts of the show were televised.

Magical event entertainment

Every show is customized to be perfect for your event and the venue. Indoors or outdoors the shows are fun, magical and full of audience participation. Outdoor events such as winter festival magic show require a lot of preparation. As a result, booking early is of Course highly recommended. Performing winter festival magic show in London Ontario

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