Peculiar props and arcane artifacts for the creative conjurer

From Fair to Foul booklet

This 60 page booklet features a transcript of everything I should have said during the lecture and leaves out all the tangents I probably discussed! The second half of the book contains detailed biography of each character. Learn more about John and James Rannie, Richard Potter, Robert-Houdin, John Nevil Maskelyne and the Fox sisters with bonus chapters on John Henry Anderson, and Alexander Herrmann.  This material quite honestly represents two years of research and reading and includes a detailed bibliography.  $15 per book with discounts available when purchased in bulk, or when offered at my lectures.

historical booklet on victorian era magicians



Corbin’s Charming close up pads

Here are some charming close up mats I have available. they have a solid back board, fold up and are a nice size to work with. They measure 5.5 X 7inches when folded and 7 X 11 inches when opened. $25.00 each plus $5 shipping anywhere in Canada

magician's close up padmagicians close up pad closed









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 The Captain’s Cannon

The spectator chooses a card, replaces it in the deck and then fires a little cannon at the deck. A card goes flying across the performance area and when retrieved it’s discovered to be the chosen card, but now a burnt cannon hole is found right through the card! a fun routine for family audiences with surprise, magic and volunteer participation. This effect comes with full instructions, a hand painted treasure chest, a deck of cards and an antique Italian cannon! These die cast cannon’s are real antiques and come all the way from Italy! They fire the toy caps that you can buy at any novelty shop and make quite a bang! $50.00 plus  $10 shipping in Canada




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Corbin’s murder mystery

This is a wonderful magical effect for a dinner party gathering of friends and acquaintances. A murder mystery with a Sherlock Holmes and Clue boardgame theme.

You announce to the guests, that you’ve called them all together to solve a most heinous crime. A body was discovered outside! But not to worry you say as you don your Sherlock Holmes hat, you are on the case! Guests write down various locations within the venue you are performing at and puts their guesses in an envelope, a guest secretly chooses one of many weapons presented and another guest secretly decides who the murderer was. You ask the host to name the deceased from one of the guests and you quickly reveal – What weapon was chosen, who the murderer was AND what room the deceased was found in!

This effect includes detailed instructions that not only explain the main effect but also many alternative methods and suggestions on props you can purchase to enhance the theatrics!

$20 plus $5 shipping in canada


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