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Fantastic Flea Circus

Corbin's flea circus is a family friendly show

My fantastic flea circus has been receiving a lot of attention these past few months. I’ve been very lucky to be able to present it at fairs and festivals all over Canada. Audiences have really enjoyed the interactive performance and have been posting on social media about the show. As a result, I’ve been getting some great inquiries and I just received an email from the casting director on America’s Got Talent!

Historically the flea circus was only a...

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Corbin the charming cheat performs a magic show at a private party in London Ontario

This weekend I had the pleasure to perform magic shows for a number of private parties in London Ontario. Its always great to entertain in London and I was very lucky that all my shows were in the same city on this weekend. Often I’m traveling all over the province. I really enjoy performing the smaller shows in peoples homes. the magic is a little more intimate and a bit more interactive then the large stage shows.

rope magic, magic show, private event in London Ontario

During my magic show performance I always...

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