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Fantastic Flea Circus

Corbin's flea circus is a family friendly show

My fantastic flea circus has been receiving a lot of attention these past few months. I’ve been very lucky to be able to present it at fairs and festivals all over Canada. Audiences have really enjoyed the interactive performance and have been posting on social media about the show. As a result, I’ve been getting some great inquiries and I just received an email from the casting director on America’s Got Talent!

Historically the flea circus was only a...

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Fantastic Flea Circus

Yesterday was the first public performance of my Fantastic Flea Circus. I am Corbin, the charming cheat. And I am now touring Ontario with my charming flea circus. It’s a fun show filled with amazing acts of strength, dexterity and Danger! A very funny and interactive performance involving the audience and a carefully selected menagerie of imaginary fleas.

The Fantastic Flea Circus

For the past two months I have been building a flea circus. It’s something I’ve...

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Fabulous Flea Circus on Family Day

I am the Amazing Corbin and I have a Fabulous Flea Circus. I’ve spent the last month training my fleas to perform incredible circus tricks, magic and feats of strength that will entertain and amaze! The circus is ready to go and I’m touring with it right now. In a couple of weeks you can find me presenting the Fabulous Flea Circus at Eldon House in London Ontario. Scratch that itch and join me on February 18!

Fabulous Flea Circus on Family Day is a hit!


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Flea Circus show fun

Over the past month I have been building a Flea Circus show. I have had a lot of fun putting together the circus with all the tiny acts. The show has a lot of imaginary fleas performing some not so imaginary tricks. Yesterday evening was my first performance of the Flea circus show and it went extremely well.

Flea Circus Show with real performing fleas

I’ve always had an interest in flea circus shows. Ever since I was a young child. Outside of the rare reference...

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Magic Circus The greatest magic show on earth!

ALadies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up and take a seat for the greatest Magic show on earth. My name is Corbin, The Amazing Corbin and I travel all over North America with my incredible, interactive and family friendly show. The Magic Circus. Therefore the circus can come to you instead of you coming to the circus.

Magic Circus a spectacular spectacle

This fun filled 45min. long show is full of incredible magic and thrills. As a result the magic is...

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