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Alberta Trade show

In a few day’s I’ll be flying to an Alberta Trade show. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to get there and perform. Most people who know me, know I wear many different “hats” As a result I have a few different websites to market my personalities. I am Corbin, the Charming cheat. A vintage styled con artist type magician. However I am also often Corbin “The Trade show magician” You can find more information on my trade show character at www.tradeshow...

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Magic Event Entertainment

I provide Professional magic event entertainment to special events all over North America. I perform incredible magic shows as The Amazing Corbin. My presentations are fun, funny and very interactive. Whether it is a wedding reception, after dinner banquet entertainment, on the big stage or strolling around the room. My performances always add magic to your event. The memorable show helps your guests to remember the great time they have had at the show for a...

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Strolling Magician entertains everyone

Strolling magician entertains everyone at events. A strolling magician at your event is a perfect way to spread the magic around. when there is a lot happening all at once a strolling performer can enhance the event. Walking around the room meeting groups of people wherever they may be. As a result, everyone gets a bit of magic and entertainment.

Strolling Magician spreads entertainment around

I am Corbin, the Charming Cheat and I love performing strolling...

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Event Entertainer adds Magic

I am a professional event entertainer that can add a lot of magic to your events. Corbin, the charming cheat. A magician, entertainer, actor and historian. I’ve been performing in Ontario for over 25 years. I am an Ontario magician. However, I can travel all over North America.

Event Entertainer Ontario Magician

I travel all over North America performing my vintage themed magic shows. My shows are family friendly and fun. Each presentation is customized to be...

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Event Planning made easy!

At your next event, make the event planning easy by hiring a pro. Corbin takes care of your event planning by entertaining your guests and suppling everything needed for a great show every time. Corbin has well over 25 years experience performing at events across North America. As a result he’s skilled and prepared to take on any challenge. When you are looking for event entertainment, make the easy choice and go with a highly skilled Event planner like Corbin...

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Event Entertainment Family Friendly, magical and fun

Corbin performs Event Entertainment that is family friendly, magical and fun for all. His interactive magic shows are perfect for any special event that could use a bit of magic. Corbin has performed his shows all over North America for close to 25 years. As a result he is experienced, and highly skilled. Put a smile on everyones face with an Amazing Magic show by Corbin

Event Entertainment that is engaging and fun

Corbin’s magic shows are very engaging, people...

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Local Magician performs everywhere

I am a local magician to everywhere. My name is Corbin, and I have performed in just about every major city across North America. As a result, I could be called a local Magician to any area. With over 25years performance experience I have extensive knowledge about many localities across the Country. Therefore I am familiar with most regions across the country.

Local Magician for Hire

My shows are fun, family friendly and full of interactive magic and illusions....

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Magician entertainer for hire

Corbin is a magician entertainer for hire. The Amazing Corbin has performed for well over 25 years all over North America. Corbin is highly skilled with incredible sleight of hand, and stage knowledge. He has entertained all kinds of audiences in all kinds of venues. Big stages, theaters, banquet rooms, and even in private homes. Corbin presents an incredible show filled with magic, audience participation and fun.

Magician Entertainer and Actor

Corbin is a...

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Holiday Magic Shows

Holiday Magic shows are great for special events. Christmas Party ideas such as magic shows are great to entertain your guests. During the holidays when friends gather, or corporate events with your employees a magic show is a great way to entertain your guests. A show breaks the ice at gatherings and involves everyone in a shared experience. Holiday Magic shows can be as large or as personal as your event requires. For instance, on large stages illusions may...

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New Year’s Eve Magic show in Niagara Falls Great Wolf Lodge

A New Year’s eve magic show!. I will be performing in Niagara Falls. The show is at the Great wolf lodge in Niagara Falls. I will be performing my incredibly funny and very magical magic circus themed show. The magic circus show is a carnival themed magic show full of audience participation and family friendly fun. I’ve performed the show many times before. The biggest production was in London Ontario at Eldon House. This New Years eve magic show will be even...

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