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Strolling Magician entertains everyone

Strolling magician entertains everyone at events. A strolling magician at your event is a perfect way to spread the magic around. when there is a lot happening all at once a strolling performer can enhance the event. Walking around the room meeting groups of people wherever they may be. As a result, everyone gets a bit of magic and entertainment.

Strolling Magician spreads entertainment around

I am Corbin, the Charming Cheat and I love performing strolling...

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AGT Magician performs magic Shows

AGT magician performs magic shows at events across North America. I am Corbin, the charming cheat. I perform award winning magic at shows across North America. My shows are interactive fun, and full of audience participation. AGT Magician style magic with a charming presentation. I am the current president of the London magicians guild. A member of the International brotherhood of magicians.

AGT Magician for hire Event Entertainment

My incredible shows are full...

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Charming Cheat you’ll love to meet

Corbin is a charming cheat, you’ll love to meet! The Amazing Corbin is an incredible magician, actor, liar cheat and con-man. Don’t worry though, he’s not going to cheat you, he will charm you with his incredible skills and humorous style. His mind bending magic is top notch, and his shows are always fun theatrical experiences. A charming cheat, that’s quite a treat!

A Charming Cheat, you’d love to meet!

I am Corbin, the Charming Canadian cheat. My shows are...

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