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Creating Custom Magic shows

My name is Corbin, the conjurer and I love creating custom magic shows for all kinds of events. I perform shows all over North America. My performances are always family friendly, fun and magical. As a result, they are the perfect event entertainment for just about any special occasion. Each performance is unique because I customize them to suit your event.

Creating Custom Magic shows for your special event

Because no two clients are alike, none of my shows are...

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Magic Event Entertainment

I provide Professional magic event entertainment to special events all over North America. I perform incredible magic shows as The Amazing Corbin. My presentations are fun, funny and very interactive. Whether it is a wedding reception, after dinner banquet entertainment, on the big stage or strolling around the room. My performances always add magic to your event. The memorable show helps your guests to remember the great time they have had at the show for a...

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Sarnia Lambton Magician entertains at Local theatre

Sarnia Lambton Magician The Amazing Corbin entertains all over North America. I am Corbin and I perform family friendly magic shows. My shows are interactive, fun and full of magic. As a result, they are the perfect entertainment for almost any event. I am a local magician and perform in Sarnia Ontario Magician. At the Sarnia Library theatre I am a regular attraction.

Sarnia Lambton Magician performs at local theatre

My performances are family friendly, fun and...

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Toronto Magician Event Entertainment

Toronto Magician The Amazing Corbin. Corbin is one of the busiest Toronto Magicians. However, he performs all over North America. The Amazing Corbin has over 25 years experience performing event entertainment. As a result, his shows are professional, polished and skillful. Perfect for after banquet entertainment, cocktail party entertainment and many other events.

Toronto Magician Corbin performs an Amazing show

I am the Amazing Corbin. I have been performing...

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Event Entertainer adds Magic

I am a professional event entertainer that can add a lot of magic to your events. Corbin, the charming cheat. A magician, entertainer, actor and historian. I’ve been performing in Ontario for over 25 years. I am an Ontario magician. However, I can travel all over North America.

Event Entertainer Ontario Magician

I travel all over North America performing my vintage themed magic shows. My shows are family friendly and fun. Each presentation is customized to be...

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Charming Cheat you’ll love to meet

Corbin is a charming cheat, you’ll love to meet! The Amazing Corbin is an incredible magician, actor, liar cheat and con-man. Don’t worry though, he’s not going to cheat you, he will charm you with his incredible skills and humorous style. His mind bending magic is top notch, and his shows are always fun theatrical experiences. A charming cheat, that’s quite a treat!

A Charming Cheat, you’d love to meet!

I am Corbin, the Charming Canadian cheat. My shows are...

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Holiday Magic Shows

Holiday Magic shows are great for special events. Christmas Party ideas such as magic shows are great to entertain your guests. During the holidays when friends gather, or corporate events with your employees a magic show is a great way to entertain your guests. A show breaks the ice at gatherings and involves everyone in a shared experience. Holiday Magic shows can be as large or as personal as your event requires. For instance, on large stages illusions may...

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Top Magician in Windsor Ontario

The Amazing Corbin is one of the Top magician in Windsor Ontario. Corbin performs his vintage themed magic and illusion shows all over North America. He is from Ontario Canada and one of his favourite places to perform is Windsor Ontario.  Windsor is a beautiful city in Southwestern Ontario on the shore of the Detroit river. It has many great parks, shopping malls and theatres. I have had the pleasure of performing for great crowds at many of those locations.


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London Magician visits Copperfields Las Vegas Museum

Late last year I visited David Copperfields Las Vegas Museum. It was an incredible experience and one that I will remember for a long time. I was performing in Las Vegas at a trade show in the Las Vegas convention Center. The days were long with constant performances. Friday night, after the shows I received a call from my friend back in Ontario Canada. He asked me if I would like to visit David Copperfield’s Las Vegas Museum of magic. I was thrilled at an offer...

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Corbin the magician performs magic shows at toy stores in the Muskokas, Gravenhurst Ontario

One of my favourite types of performances is entertaining at Grand Openings and special events at retail stores. I’ve performed magic shows at gift shops, restaurants, bank openings and all kinds of special events. A few years ago I had the pleasure of performing in the Ontario Muskokas region. In Gravenhurst, Orillia, and Huntsville. I performed magic at the Toy stores. The Applause toy stores had me come in and entertain their guests during a special event. I...

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