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Historical lecture in Toronto

I am Corbin, and I will be performing a Historical lecture in Toronto. I am a magician, actor, historian and entertainer. My lecture is all about magicians and spiritualists in the 19th century. During this magical historical lecture I will be talking about the transitions magicians made in the 1800’s. As a result, you will learn about the development of magic and their methods. The lecture is an hour and a half long and is on March 25th in Toronto at the Browser...

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Raising funds with Magic shows

Raising funds with Magic shows is easy with The Amazing Corbin. For charities, school fundraisers even social clubs, fundraising is important. I am the magician Corbin and my popular shows never fail to raise funds for your event. Almost like Magic!

Raising funds with Magic shows is easy

I am the Amazing Corbin and I have been performing all over North America for over 25 years. As a result you can be sure of a great show every time. My presentations are full of...

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Top Magician in Ontario is The Amazing Corbin

I am the Amazing Corbin and I am one of the Top magician in Ontario. When you want professional top notch entertainment for your event, The Amazing Corbin is highly recommended. I travel to events all over Ontario and beyond performing incredible customized and interactive magic shows. As a result, I have become incredibly skilled at entertaining all kinds of audiences.

The Amazing Corbin is one of the Top Magician in Ontario

I have become incredibly busy over...

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Toronto Magician Event Entertainment

Toronto Magician The Amazing Corbin. Corbin is one of the busiest Toronto Magicians. However, he performs all over North America. The Amazing Corbin has over 25 years experience performing event entertainment. As a result, his shows are professional, polished and skillful. Perfect for after banquet entertainment, cocktail party entertainment and many other events.

Toronto Magician Corbin performs an Amazing show

I am the Amazing Corbin. I have been performing...

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Charming Cheat you’ll love to meet

Corbin is a charming cheat, you’ll love to meet! The Amazing Corbin is an incredible magician, actor, liar cheat and con-man. Don’t worry though, he’s not going to cheat you, he will charm you with his incredible skills and humorous style. His mind bending magic is top notch, and his shows are always fun theatrical experiences. A charming cheat, that’s quite a treat!

A Charming Cheat, you’d love to meet!

I am Corbin, the Charming Canadian cheat. My shows are...

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Event Entertainment Family Friendly, magical and fun

Corbin performs Event Entertainment that is family friendly, magical and fun for all. His interactive magic shows are perfect for any special event that could use a bit of magic. Corbin has performed his shows all over North America for close to 25 years. As a result he is experienced, and highly skilled. Put a smile on everyones face with an Amazing Magic show by Corbin

Event Entertainment that is engaging and fun

Corbin’s magic shows are very engaging, people...

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