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AGT Magician performs magic Shows

AGT magician performs magic shows at events across North America. I am Corbin, the charming cheat. I perform award winning magic at shows across North America. My shows are interactive fun, and full of audience participation. AGT Magician style magic with a charming presentation. I am the current president of the London magicians guild. A member of the International brotherhood of magicians.

AGT Magician for hire Event Entertainment

My incredible shows are full...

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Corbin the magician performs in London Ontario at the Fringe Festival performers showcase

Last year I had the pleasure of performing my big show at the London fringe festival. The festival was held as the name implies in London Ontario. It was quite an experience from the showcase that started the event, to all the promotional appearances, then finally to the string of eight shows that I performed at the McManus theatre inside the Grand theatre. The showcase was held at the palace theatre and it was packed with people interested in learning about the...

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