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Fair to Foul lecture is a historical hit

From Fair to Foul is a historical lecture about magic and magicians during the 19th century (the 1800’s) It’s been a bit hit at museums, libraries, historical societies and magic clubs across North America. The lecture is a 90 minute talk about how magicians transformed themselves during the 1800’s. It’s a very informative and dynamic Ted Talk like presentation.

From Fair to Foul – The twisted transition of magic and magicians during the 19th Century

This is a...

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AGT Magician performs magic Shows

AGT magician performs magic shows at events across North America. I am Corbin, the charming cheat. I perform award winning magic at shows across North America. My shows are interactive fun, and full of audience participation. AGT Magician style magic with a charming presentation. I am the current president of the London magicians guild. A member of the International brotherhood of magicians.

AGT Magician for hire Event Entertainment

My incredible shows are full...

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Educational Entertainment for School assemblies

My name is Corbin and I perform Educational Entertainment for School assemblies, libraries and other special events. I have well over 25 years performing experience. As a result I’m able to provide an excellent show at almost any venue. My shows are always family friendly, fun, full of magic and have Educational themes built in. As a result, You can find lots of information on my facebook page.

Educational Entertainment full of family friendly fun, magic and...

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Charming Cheat you’ll love to meet

Corbin is a charming cheat, you’ll love to meet! The Amazing Corbin is an incredible magician, actor, liar cheat and con-man. Don’t worry though, he’s not going to cheat you, he will charm you with his incredible skills and humorous style. His mind bending magic is top notch, and his shows are always fun theatrical experiences. A charming cheat, that’s quite a treat!

A Charming Cheat, you’d love to meet!

I am Corbin, the Charming Canadian cheat. My shows are...

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Event Planning made easy!

At your next event, make the event planning easy by hiring a pro. Corbin takes care of your event planning by entertaining your guests and suppling everything needed for a great show every time. Corbin has well over 25 years experience performing at events across North America. As a result he’s skilled and prepared to take on any challenge. When you are looking for event entertainment, make the easy choice and go with a highly skilled Event planner like Corbin...

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Magic Circus The greatest magic show on earth!

ALadies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up and take a seat for the greatest Magic show on earth. My name is Corbin, The Amazing Corbin and I travel all over North America with my incredible, interactive and family friendly show. The Magic Circus. Therefore the circus can come to you instead of you coming to the circus.

Magic Circus a spectacular spectacle

This fun filled 45min. long show is full of incredible magic and thrills. As a result the magic is...

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Banquet Entertainment Interactive and fun

I am Corbin, the Charming Cheat and I perform Banquet Entertainment. My shows are interactive, family friendly and fun. As a result they make a great impression and create memories of the event that last. I am a professional full time entertainer, actor and magician, and have performed all over North America. With 25 years performing experience you can be assured of a great entertaining and skillful show every time.

Banquet Entertainment shows that are...

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March Break Magic shows

This March Break Magic Shows are very popular. I will be traveling all over Ontario performing my incredible shows at many libraries and schools. My Magic Circus show is a popular choice, but I will also be touring with a show based on the Natural world full of fun environmental themed magic.

March Break Magic

My March Break Magic shows are always family friendly, fun and very interactive. I get the audience involved in every show and bring a few on stage to...

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Event Entertainment Family Friendly, magical and fun

Corbin performs Event Entertainment that is family friendly, magical and fun for all. His interactive magic shows are perfect for any special event that could use a bit of magic. Corbin has performed his shows all over North America for close to 25 years. As a result he is experienced, and highly skilled. Put a smile on everyones face with an Amazing Magic show by Corbin

Event Entertainment that is engaging and fun

Corbin’s magic shows are very engaging, people...

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Educational Magic Shows for schools & libraries

The Amazing Corbin has been performing educational magic shows professionally all over North America for close to 25 years. During that time he has performed more different kinds of shows then he can count. Every show is custom designed to be perfect for the client, venue and theme of the event. Often The Amazing Corbin is asked to perform an educational magic show for schools and libraries. For those situations, he has a few amazing programs that not only...

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