Charming Cheat Show


He’s the most charming cheat, you’d ever want to meet!


A faux gambling themed magic show perfect for theaters, casino’s, stages large or small and festival entertainment – The Charming Cheat show will entertain and amaze with incredible cheats, cons, swindles and sneaky tricks. A very interactive 50 min. presentation with a turn of the century con man.

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Great review! “The Charming Cheat is a Polished Portrayal of a convivial con man”

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Is he cheating, lucky or is it all just a trick? Decide for yourself at Corbin’s incredibly entertaining show

Prepare to be charmed, cheated and tricked by Corbin, The Charming Cheat. During this incredible vintage themed magic show Corbin will engage the audience with sleight of hand, swindles and con-games of skill. The audience will be enthralled and delighted, they may know he’s cheating but they will never figure out how, and the final revelation of the night will blow them away!

The 50 min. long show features magic, sleight of hand, and old style con games. The question “is he cheating, lucky or is it all just a trick?” will be easily answered, but only by attending the show. You will be ROPED IN by Corbin, but he won’t be cheating you, he’ll be charming you and inviting your guests into his parlour for the evening – it’s all in fun and everyone will leave feeling charmed and entertained. “The Charming Cheat” show is written with an adult audience in mind, but there is nothing inappropriate for younger audience members.

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