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From Fair To Foul lecture

This is a 90 minute Historical lecture about magicians during the 1800’s and how they transformed from distrusted street performers at fairs, to performers of skill, and ended the century by debunking the foul spiritualists that were taking advantage of the gullible and those mourning the loss of loved ones. This lecture covers many incredible people such as James and John Rannie, the first magicians in America – Richard Potter, North America’s first magician, Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin the french magician who turned magic into an artistic and theatrical art form, John Nevil Maskeylne and many, many more. Spiritualists like the Fox sisters from New York are talked about, as well as the methods and tricks they used. Canadian connections are emphasized and many items will be displayed. This lecture is NOT a magic show, but includes magic tricks performed throughout the lecture and has a spirit filled seance that will have the audience on the edge of their seats.
This lecture premiered on October 21 2018 at Eldon House in London ON
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